Kingsoft(WPS) Office – Best MS Office Alternative for Linux

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  1. José Rivera says:

    I don’t agree with Kingsoft Office as the best office suite for linux, I prefer FreeOffice. Why? Whilst user interface and dictionaries of Kingsoft Office are either English, or Chinese (no other options), FreeOffice offers both in many different languages; whilst Kingsoft Office displays Microsoft Office formats with formatting losses, and has problems opening some of my password protected documents, FreeOffice can open virtually all of the file types that Microsoft Office can open, offering all the compatibility one needs in order to facilitate file/work sharing.; whilst Kingsoft Office has problems with regional standards – spreadsheets cannot be used in Europe, because it’s hardcoded to use dot instead of comma for decimal separator – FreeOffice does it well. See for yourself:

    • Hi José,
      I have never heard of FreeOffice before this. Now after downloading, I am evaluating FreeOffice. I did not find much time to experience it in full but on first impression I can say that user interface of Kingsoft is better. But on the other side, I have opened few documents in FreeOffice and find the representation very good even better than Kingsoft in few cases. I am hoping to write a post on FreeOffice as well in near future.
      Thanks for your valuable comment.

  2. OK says:

    How to remove left indent and right indent on Kingsoft Writer?

  3. Nitin says:

    I find Kingsoft better than LibreOffice.

    Nice review, and thanks for adding links!

  4. Ömer Özel says:

    Thank you José,
    I have just downloaded and tried SoftMaker FreeOffice to open some .docx files that I had trouble with Libreoffice. It works perfectly, no formatting was lost (even in a 11.6MB file with full of images and boxes). I tried it (version 679-01_i386.deb) on Ubuntu 12.04LTS. I recommend it to everyone using Linux and dealing with .docx and .odt files. Best compatibility I have ever seen so far since 1998. Thanks for all making Freeoffice freely available in many languages. (

    PS: It took me long time (a few hours to download Kingsoft Office) so I stopped downloading it and switched to FreeOffice, instead.

    • manigordo says:

      I’d rather kept the formating errors. SMFO is not really free; as you have to tradeoff some of your privacy in order to get a serial key. Code which unless attained, makes the download and installation of the suite useless BTW. Besides being against the whole purpose of a truly free OS and software distribution scheme of course… So forgive me if I side with Deependra and strongly recommend either Kingsoft or LibreOffice; in that order of preference…

  5. Peter says:

    Does anyone know if Kingsoft plans to support OpenOffice files in the future? I have lots of .odt,, .ods, etc that I don’t feel like converting.

  6. Saurabh Shabdik says:

    I tried to write Hindi and Bengali using ibus, it failed. WPS freezes. After a while it showed Chinese characters. :( :( Any remedies, please?

  7. i downloaded kingsoft in 15 minutes, which is not bad for 151mb. jose is either a shill or just has a really terrible internet connection. i looked up a few of the internet articles concerning kingsoft linux, and noticed a bunch of other shills peddling freeoffice. now i got to ask myself this, if freeoffice really was that good, is it necesarily to deploy shills?

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