‘my airtel’ – Manage All Airtel Services From Your Mobile

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  1. Sanjay says:

    My set is a nokia e -5 and and i have download the airtel money app please help

  2. vrishab says:

    This is sort of quick hack. But it 100% worked for me ( Nokia C5-00 – Symbian S60 3rd Ed FP2 ). You can try it out for your phone too, as it takes just a couple of minutes.

    Do either [A] or [B]

    [A] Quick Steps:

    1. Download and try installing each of the below jar files. One of them might work.

    * http://ovi.sigma.downloads.apps.opera.com/en_in/download_1902647/0/3-0-/xx/spp84092957863719a2be42_14345605/my_airtel_app.jar
    * http://ovi.sigma.downloads.apps.opera.com/en_in/download_1902653/0/1-0-/xx/spp84134357863718b9f6d9_62467498/my_airtel_my_airtel_n1.jar
    * http://ovi.sigma.downloads.apps.opera.com/en_in/download_1902665/0/2-0-/xx/spp840908578637195279d3_61587365/my_airtel_app_my_airtel_app_n1.jar

    [B] Detailed Steps:

    Perform the following steps:

    1. Go to http://ovi.sigma.apps.opera.com/ in browser incognito mode. The incognito mode is only required, so the website doesn’t remember your selected phone ( in case you have selected your mobile ).

    2. Search for “airtel” in the search box.

    3. There should be few myAirtel apps with airtel logo listed. There were 3 apps currently. These apps are for different versions of Symbian. Download all the 3 apps ( jad files ).

    4. Do the following for each jad file to check your luck.

    4.1. JAD file is descriptor text file. Open the jad file in text editor. There will be a link to a jar file in the line beginning with “MIDlet-Jar-URL:”
    4.2. Download the jar file and install to your mobile device.
    4.3. Open the app with 2G / 3G / 4G / Wifi enabled and active.
    4.4. After opening the app, click ‘select’ button on mobile. This is required since the app just stops in the first screen waiting for user input.
    4.5. After displaying ‘Loading’ for quite some time, your myairtel page just loads with all account details.
    4.6. If the app doesn’t work, proceed to the jad file from the next app.

    5. The first app didn’t work for me. But the second app did. Hopefully one of the myAirtel apps works for you.

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