State Bank of India launches Freedom Plus Mobile Application

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33 Responses

  1. rajan says:

    I have down load the app of stae bank freedom plus and tried to open my account but a cant open please help open the app

    ” unable to process the request please try again”

  2. sanjoy debnath says:

    how to creat username &password ?

  3. Rocky says:

    I also downlode this app but how can use it,,,,, dont know,,, how make username or pass

  4. jasminder says:

    its mobile recharge function is not working

  5. renjith as says:

    I have already sbi net banking user id and password. Then also i cnt open the app pleas help me

  6. DS MANE says:

    Dear Sir

    Whenever I am downloading SBI Freedum Plus software for my andorid tablet,it downloads in Punjabi language. Please guide me how it will download for either English/Hindi/Regional Language?



  7. C s Giri says:

    There is no application for SBI SMART PLUS for I phone

  8. Rajsa says:

    I tries to add imps ac but i cant add any ac. Plz help me

  9. ABDUL RAUF says:

    i want open my sbi freedom plus pleas how open

  10. ABDUL RAUF says:

    sbi freedom plus rsystem login is ok how to mobile login

  11. majid says:

    I have windows. Phone Nokia Lumia. 630.wen will. This application. Available. For windows

  12. rannu says:

    I am using Nokia Lumia 630 mobile
    I have installation problem with sbi freedom plus software
    Please give me solution for this app.

  13. Navratan. Singh says:

    Useful service

  14. rahul says:

    how to add beneficiniary account ??? i am enable to add this???thaty i am also enable to transfer the money…plzzzz tell me how to do this..i can only recharge by this application…nothing else i cant do .

  15. GAUTAM says:

    Dear Sir, I have java enabled mobile. Is it possible to download SBI Plus in jar/ jad format

  16. What is the uses id.i have net banking user id.but it didn’t work in this login.
    . so plz how can i got it.

  17. Amit Bhardwaj says:

    I am using Nokia Lumia 630 mobile windows base phone
    I have installation problem with sbi freedom plus software
    Please give me solution for this app.

  18. satyam says:


  19. A.swarnalatha says:

    download sbi freedom

  20. Pradeepraj N says:

    I ve been using BlackBerry z10.. I was not able to find state bank freedom app in blackberry world.. I searched lot.. I could not find it for install… provide me solution

  21. chetan says:

    I am using ablackberry z10
    I want a software
    Please sujest me

  22. ELUMALAI says:

    This application is not supported windows phone

  23. Lichon says:

    Is sbi freedom plus still not applicable for Windows phone?? Kindly help

  24. Plz send the state bank freedom plus app for windows faceing the app download nd installation problem plz sir

  25. kiran says:

    my best choice for mobile net banking.
    Thank you sir

  26. PRADEEP says:

    i have iphone5s how can i i install this app, plz suggest me

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