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In India trains often run late so its very usual for passengers to check whether train is on time or not. Indian Railway has provided various enquiry options like 139 telephone number to which anyone can call or can send SMS to find about train status. One disadvantage of using 139 number is that calling or sending SMS to this number is chargeable for the user and sometimes the information received is not correct or complete. One other better option is to check the status yourself on Internet on Train Enquiry website ( provided by Indian Railway.
This website has been developed by CRIS (Centre for Railway Information Systems) and RailYatri. The website is very simple and easy to use. Train status can be checked by entering train name, train number or station name in the search box provided on homepage of website. User guide has also been provided on the website itself for the benefit of users (
Facility to check status on-the-go on mobile phones has also been provided. There is no native application for various smartphone platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone or Blackberry etc; rather they have developed a separate mobile website (i.e. mobile web application) for this purpose. Whenever a user visits website on his/her mobile browser, he/she will be redirected automatically to the mobile website. If this does not happen due to any reason, the same mobile website can be accessed by visiting or in the mobile browser. This website has been designed specially for touchscreen smartphones using jQuery Mobile which is a touch-optimized web framework for smartphones & tablets. Most of the touchscreen mobile phones available in the market should not have any issue in displaying the website.
Mobile website is also again very simple and easy to use as it can be seen in the screenshots above. This mobile website is very useful specially for the passengers during their journey. So next time when you are travelling by train visit on your mobile instead of calling 139.

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  1. Vishal Rathod says:

    Nice website . This one is going to be useful.

    Travel India

  2. lalit says:

    Ever wondered while traveling in a train what all stations are coming up next and at what time and distance? plus lots more…

    This app does it all

  3. This website has now been permanently moved to official Indian Railway website. When one enters to check train running status, it redirects to a new URL at
    Till now there seems to be lot of unofficial website coming with train running status like the one I use frequently

  4. Yogesh Singh says:

    Best website for train enquiry is and it’s the only official website. But if you looking for quick and fast enquiry then I will suggest

  5. PNR Status says:

    Nice website, Thanks for information

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