TaxiPixi – Multi Operator Taxi/Cab Booking Mobile Application

taxipixi-mainIf you are living in a metro city, you have to use Taxis or Cabs for your travel. At least for pickup and drop to/from railway station, airport, bus terminal etc. Taxi scene has changed a lot in India in recent years. First you have to rely on local taxi operators who were very much unreliable for coming on time for the pickup. If you have to leave your home say around 6 am, you would tell at least 5.30 to the taxi operator for keeping a margin. If this was a really bad day for you, there was no sign for taxi even at 6. You start repeatedly calling the taxi operator at every 5 minutes and there was same response from other side – Taxi is on the way, just reaching in 2 minutes. Quality of taxis was also questionable, depending upon your luck.

Things got changed with arrival of Radio Taxis. Radio Taxi operators have good quality taxis which are GPS enabled. You can book taxi by calling to their dedicated call center. Some operators have provided online cab booking facility. Currently there are a lot of radio taxi operators in metro cities in India – Meru Cabs, Easy Cabs, Mega Cabs, Quick Cabs, Yo Cabs, Taxi For Sure, G Cabs, Olacabs, Tab Cab, EasyRide etc. Each operator has different type of pricing depending upon taxi quality. There is different calling number and different online portal for booking taxi for each operator. There is no guarantee of booking confirmation so sometimes you have to try booking one operator after another until there is confirmation, specially in the morning hours. Many times, I have also first booked Quick Cabs (Rs. 10 per km) to catch train in the morning but after no confirmation I have to book Meru Cabs (Rs. 20 per km). Due to this a lot of time got wasted in the morning when I have to be ready for the journey.

Now many radio taxi operators have started charging extra for cab booking via telephone so users who have access to internet prefer to book cabs online on the website of operators. Although most of operators have mobile versions of their websites but these websites are not very fast. Very few operators have native mobile applications which are really useful. TaxiPixi is a mobile application which could be a possible solution. TaxiPixi is one of the first multi-operator taxi booking mobile app.


Some good features of TaxiPixi application are –

  • See all available taxis on a map nearby you current location
  • Send taxi booking directly to drivers of multiple radio taxi companies
  • Booking request can be send to 4 different types of taxis at once – Economy, Economy Plus, Regular and Premium. 
  • Real time tracking of cab movement within the application

Booking a taxi from TaxiPixi app is very easy and fast and could be done in just 15-30 seconds if you are 3G or Wi-Fi in following steps –

  • Provide your source and destination place using the map or by typing the address
  • Provide pickup date and time
  • Provide type of the cab – Economy, Economy Plus, Regular and Premium. You can select/deselect any option depending upon your choice.

TaxiPixi is currently available only for Android but I hope that versions for other platform, specially iOS, will come soon. At present taxis can be booked only in Delhi NCR area. 

Next time I am going to use TaxiPixi for booking a cab for my travel, what about you?

Download TaxiPixi from Google Play

TaxiPixi Website


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