What lies ahead for Geary email client?


I talked about Geary – A Very Simple Email Client for Linux last month. In April 2013, Yorba – the makers of Geary email client, have launched a crowd funding campaign to raise 100,000 US Dollars. Being an open-source and free application there is no revenue source for Yorba to sustain the development. Unfortunately, the campaign failed as they were able to collect only USD 50,860. According to the rules of the campaign they would get the money only if they were able to collect the whole amount. Now the amount has been returned back to the people who have donated. 

According to Yorba, there are three engineers who are working full time on development of Geary. As mentioned in the fundraising campaign USD 100,000 was the bare minimum amount for paying the salary of engineers and other related expenses. Now the future of Geary is not clear.  In a recent post on their official blog, Yorba has mentioned that they are not stopping the development. In fact, during the campaign itself they have released a maintenance version of Geary.  They are looking to find alternative options to source the funds. They have urged the people who have donated during the campaign to donate directly to Yorba for continuing the development. 

OMG Ubuntu has written about the possible reasons of Why Did Geary’s Fundraiser Fail? The fundraising attempt might have failed but its nice to see that Yorba has not thought of abandoning the project yet. Geary is a very good email client which could have a bright future ahead. We hope that Yorba will be able to get the funds and development will continue.

If you are using Geary and like to see continuing development of Geary, you can also think of donating them.
Donation  link is

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