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duolingo-topDo you want to learn new languages but don’t have lots of time and money to do so?

Duolingo is here to teach you languages with lot of fun and for FREE on your mobile. Duolingo is the easiest way to learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian from English and vice versa. 

Duolingo was created by Professor Luis von Ahn of  Carnegie Mellon University along with few of his students. The same professor has created reCAPTCHA which was later acquired by Google. Originally Duolingo was launched as a website, as private beta  in November 2011 and for general public in June 2012, to learn languages on the web. It was an instant hit with the people. Later they released iOS app in November 2012 and very recently Andorid app in May 2013. At present there are around 3 million users of Duolingo according to Wikipedia.

duolingo-android-levels duolingo-android-lesson

Main features of Duolingo mobile application are as below –

  • Completely FREE – no ads, no fees.
  • Fun. Duolingo is almost like a game. There are multiple levels of the learning, you earn points after covering each level, you lost hearts for incorrect answers. You can invite your friends to learn with you and compete with them.
  • Learning languages with Duolingo is very effective which has been proven in scientific studies as well. Lesson units are very short and words are repeated in many ways so that you can remember them. 
  • Lessons are divided into various stages of skill tree. You start with Basics followed by Common Phrases, Food, Animals, Adjectives, Verbs, Colors, Pronouns, Clothing, Places, Nature, Communication, Science, Medical and many more.
  • It keeps track of progress – days of learning, points earned, number of words learned so far etc.
  • It sends daily emails to remind you for taking learning lessons.
  • Duolingo mobile application and website are synced so you can start learning from where you left.

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I myself have started learning French since last week on my Android mobile. I only give 10-15 minutes a day and have covered 2 lessons and learned 12 French words. It’s a nice feeling to learn a new language without worrying much about time and money. I would highly recommend Duolingo.

Duolingo iOS application can be run on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Android app at present is compatible with phones while a tablet version is coming soon.

Download Links

Download from Duolingo Website

For Andorid – Download from Google Play

For iOS – Download from iTunes App Store


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