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blood-topBlood is Life. In our day to day life we overlook this fact but we realize this when we actually need blood for ourselves, for family or for relatives. While there is sudden requirement of blood in case of accidents and medical surgeries, in few medical disorders like Cancer and Thalassemia there is an ongoing requirement of blood every month for the whole life of a person. There is no replacement of blood and it can’t be manufactured in science laboratories, at least till now. Blood donation is the only available source of blood. 

There is a huge gap between demand and supply of blood specially in countries with huge populations like India. Finding blood donors is also not easy especially if you are new to your living place and don’t have any friend or relative nearby. There are blood banks in most of major hospitals but they also ask for replacement blood donors. Fortunately, there are few people working to overcome this solution with the help of modern technology. There are some websites to find blood donors which have released mobile applications as well.

1. friends2supports

friends2support-android1 friends2support-android2

friends2supports is a 7 year old organization working in India for connecting blood donors with those in need of blood. They have a very good website and recently they have released their mobile app on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Java platform.

Features of  friends2supports mobile app are as following –

  • Search Blood Donors within specified State, district & city for any particular blood group
  • Call or SMS the donor from the app itself
  • Copy donor information on clipboard to save the information for any emergency
  • Register as Blood Donor
  • Share about the app on social media

For Android – Download friends2supports from Google Play

For iOS – Download friends2supports from iTunes App Store

For Windows Phone – Download friends2supports from Windows Phone Store

For Java/Symbian – Download friends2supports from friends2supports website

friends2supports Website

2. Indianblooddonors

indianblooddonors-android1 indianblooddonors-android2

Indianblooddonors website was started in the year 1999 by a railway employee Khushroo Poacha when he saw few deaths happening due to lack of blood. We can search for Blood donors using their website, dedicated phone helpline and via SMS. They have also released mobile app for Android platform. 

Features of Indianblooddonors mobile app are as following –

  • Find donors in your city
  • Find donors in your area
  • Call or SMS the donor from the app itself
  • Subscribe for blood requirement alerts
  • Option to save your last blood donation date in the app
  • Contacted donors history

For Android – Download Indianblooddonors from Google Play

Indianblooddonors Website

3. Bloodhelpers

bloodhelpers-windows1 bloodhelpers-windows2

Bloodhelpers was founded in 2009 as a website to build database of blood donors in India. They have released their mobile apps for Android and Windows Phone platforms. According to their website, application for iOS is on the way.

Features of Bloodhelpers mobile app are as following –

  • Search Blood Donors
  • Check the blood requests posted
  • Post Blood Request

For Andoird – Download Bloodhelpers from Google Play

For Windows Phone – Download Bloodhelpers from Windows Phone Store

Bloodhelpers Website

I hope these apps will be useful for you in case of any need of blood, although I wish that you never face this kind of situation. Let me know via your comments if you know any other mobile app to find blood.

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