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There are many weather applications for mobile phones but Skymet Weather is different.

Skymet Weather is almost first mobile application which is developed in India. I am saying almost because few months back Indian Meteorological Department has also launched one mobile application for checking weather, but this was not a good application. It was a good try by a Government body but the end result was nil. In that sense, Skymet Weather is the first real ‘Made in India’ mobile weather app.

Skymet Weather app has been developed by Skymet Weather Services Private Limited. Skymet was set up in 2003 and it is the first private company in India to provide weather forecasts and weather graphics. I think apart from Indian Meteorological Department, Skymet is the only company in country which provides weather information. Skymet already had a weather web portal which has much detailed information about weather in India. They have recently launched their mobile application which is named Skymet Weather.


Features of Skymet Weather application are –

  • Weather information of 7500+ Indian locations
  • Provides information in 8 languages including English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Odiya, Tamil and Telugu
  • 7 days forecast
  • On-the-go weather alerts notifying Monsoon rain, high temperatures, storms etc. 
  • Widget Support
  • Weather forecast videos
  • Latest weather news and stories on business, lifestyle, agriculture, global warming and water crisis.
  • Share forecasts on social networks
  • Report weather in your area 

Skymet Weather is having very good user interface. When starting for the first time it tracks your location if GPS is switched on otherwise it asks to add your location manually, this location will act as your home location. This is indicated by a small home icon on the screen. There is an option for adding more than one location. To keep the other locations permanent in the app you have to mark these locations as favorite. You have to click a small heart icon on the screen which will mark locations as favorite. Locations can be changed by swiping the screen to left or right, there is also a drop down menu button for this as well.

skymet-android-widget skymet-android-forecast

There are four sections in the application – Today, Forecast, News and Videos.

– As its clear by name, Today section presents current weather conditions for the location you selected. There is a background image on the screen which changes according to the weather conditions. This makes the interface very beautiful and soothing to eyes.

– Forecast section shows future weather forecast for next 7 days  in a list on single screen. You can check the detailed hourly forecast of the day by clicking on the particular list item.

– News section has several sub-sections according to the category of news. These sub-sections are – Weather Warning, Weather News & Analysis, Lifestyle & Weather, Weather & Economy, Global Warming, Water and Air Traffic.

– Video section lists Videos of weather information of mainly metro cities and other important events like Monsoon forecast.

There is a facility in the application by using which you can report weather of your location, you can also add photographs to the report. Share button is also available for sharing the weather information on social media. Language and Units could be changed in Settings screen. You can also add Skymet Weather widget on your home screen to keep updated with weather information without opening the app.

In a nutshell, Skymet Weather is not much different with all other existing weather apps available in terms of major features and usage. But two factors make it distinct; First – it has been developed in India and second – you can see weather information in Indian languages. At present, Skymet Weather is available only for Android. So if you have an Android mobile, go straight away to Google Play and download the app. 

Download Links 

Download Skymet Weather from Google Play

Skymet Weather Web Portal

Skymet Website


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