‘mPassport Seva’ Application From Ministry of External Affairs

passport-topA passport is mandatory whenever someone is going on a trip abroad. But since last few years, many people who don’t have immediate plan of going abroad are also applying for passport. The major reason behind this is that passport is being used as Identification Document while applying for many government and private services. Till few years back applying for passport was a nightmare for a common citizen as the process was very time taking due to various reasons. To make the process fast and easy, Government of India launched ‘Passport Seva Project’ in 2010 on Public Private Partnership model with Tata Consultancy Services. This brought down delivery time of passport from months to weeks due to process optimization and use of technology.

Passport Seva website ( is the official website of Consular, Passport & Visa Division of Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India which is maintained by Tata Consultancy Services. Division has also launched a mobile application ‘mPassport Seva’ few months back to expand the reach to more citizens. The application is very useful considering the fact that it is being launched by a government department.

passport-android-1 passport-android-2

There are five sections of the application as below –

  • General Information
    – This section is having information about applying for passport on the website and ‘Passport Seva Kendra’
  • Locate Centre
    – Passport Seva Kendra
    – District Passport Cell
    – Police Station
    – Mission/Post Abroad
    – Passport Office
  • Fee Calculator
    – This section provides application fee information depending upon various factors like fresh or renewal, age, normal/tatkal etc.
  • Status Tracker
    – This is most useful section which allows tracking of passport application as well as the RTI application in relation to the passport
  • Contact Us
    – Information about the Toll Free call center number of Passport Seva

As of now the application is available only for Android mobile phones. Overall the application is good. The application works in full screen mode which hides the notification bar; this is one minor downside of the app. 

Download Links

Download ‘mPassport Seva’ from Google Play

Passport Seva Website

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