‘my airtel’ – Manage All Airtel Services From Your Mobile


Airtel Mobile, Airtel Broadband, Airtel Digital TV, Airtel Money – Are you using one or more of these services from Bharti Airtel? 

It’s most likely that answer to the above question is YES as Airtel is one of the largest player in mobile services, telephone & broadband, direct to home television and mobile money in India. Apart from India, Airtel has presence in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in South Asia and also in 17 African countries.  Today I am going to write about very simple and easy way to manage all Airtel services from your mobile phone.

‘my airtel’ is the application from Bharti Airtel by using which you can manage Airtel Mobile, Broadband, Digital TV and Airtel Money services on your mobile. This application was launched last year by Airtel and recently it has won award under ‘Best Application using Network APIs’ category at GSMA Gloabl Mobile Awards 2013. 



‘my airtel’ application has separate sections for each of the services. Features available under each section are as following –

1. Airtel Mobile Postpaid
  • Outstanding Bill
  • Pay Bill
  • Unbilled Usage
  • Bill Details
    – Bill summary
    – View current bill plan
    – Payment history
  • Manage Value Added Services
  • Service Request
  • Special Offers
  • 3G
    – 3G unbilled usage
    – Set an alert on usage
    – View 3G tariffs
    – Purchase Smartbytes packs
2. Airtel Mobile Prepaid
  • Account Balance and Validity
  • Recharge History
  • Manage Value Added Services
  • Service Request
  • Special Offers
  • – 3G usage
    – Set an alert on usage
    – View 3G tariffs
3. Airtel Landline and Broadband
  • Outstanding Bill
  • Unbilled Usage
  • Pay Bill
  • Bill Detail
  • Smartbytes
  • Service Request
  • Special Offers
4. Airtel Digital TV
  • Balance and Validity
  • Recharge
  • Recharge History
  • My Package
  • Order Movies
  • Games
  • Special Offers
  • Service Request
5. Airtel Money
  • Account Balance
  • Load Cash
  • Send Money
  • Past Transactions
    – Last five transactions
    – Today’s summary
    – Yesterday’s summary
  • Pay Mobile Bill
  • Recharge Mobile
  • Pay Broadband and Landline Bill
  • Recharge Digital TV

If you are using any of the above mentioned services from Airtel, this application is must for you. I am using all of these services and ‘my airtel’ app is helping me a lot  in managing these service at home or during travel. 

‘my airtel’ application is available for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian and other Java phones. It is not yet available for Windows Phone Windows Phone version has been released now.

Download Links

Download from Airtel Website

For Android – Download ‘my airtel’ from Google Play

For iOS – Download ‘my airtel’ from iTunes App Store

For Windows Phone – Download ‘my airtel’ from Windows Phone Store

For Symbian – Download ‘my airtel’ from Nokia Ovi Store

For Blackberry – Download ‘my airtel’ from Blackberry App World

For Nokia Asha & other Java Phones – SMS “myairtel” to 54321



TaxiPixi – Multi Operator Taxi/Cab Booking Mobile Application

taxipixi-mainIf you are living in a metro city, you have to use Taxis or Cabs for your travel. At least for pickup and drop to/from railway station, airport, bus terminal etc. Taxi scene has changed a lot in India in recent years. First you have to rely on local taxi operators who were very much unreliable for coming on time for the pickup. If you have to leave your home say around 6 am, you would tell at least 5.30 to the taxi operator for keeping a margin. If this was a really bad day for you, there was no sign for taxi even at 6. You start repeatedly calling the taxi operator at every 5 minutes and there was same response from other side – Taxi is on the way, just reaching in 2 minutes. Quality of taxis was also questionable, depending upon your luck.

Things got changed with arrival of Radio Taxis. Radio Taxi operators have good quality taxis which are GPS enabled. You can book taxi by calling to their dedicated call center. Some operators have provided online cab booking facility. Currently there are a lot of radio taxi operators in metro cities in India – Meru Cabs, Easy Cabs, Mega Cabs, Quick Cabs, Yo Cabs, Taxi For Sure, G Cabs, Olacabs, Tab Cab, EasyRide etc. Each operator has different type of pricing depending upon taxi quality. There is different calling number and different online portal for booking taxi for each operator. There is no guarantee of booking confirmation so sometimes you have to try booking one operator after another until there is confirmation, specially in the morning hours. Many times, I have also first booked Quick Cabs (Rs. 10 per km) to catch train in the morning but after no confirmation I have to book Meru Cabs (Rs. 20 per km). Due to this a lot of time got wasted in the morning when I have to be ready for the journey.

Now many radio taxi operators have started charging extra for cab booking via telephone so users who have access to internet prefer to book cabs online on the website of operators. Although most of operators have mobile versions of their websites but these websites are not very fast. Very few operators have native mobile applications which are really useful. TaxiPixi is a mobile application which could be a possible solution. TaxiPixi is one of the first multi-operator taxi booking mobile app.


Some good features of TaxiPixi application are –

  • See all available taxis on a map nearby you current location
  • Send taxi booking directly to drivers of multiple radio taxi companies
  • Booking request can be send to 4 different types of taxis at once – Economy, Economy Plus, Regular and Premium. 
  • Real time tracking of cab movement within the application

Booking a taxi from TaxiPixi app is very easy and fast and could be done in just 15-30 seconds if you are 3G or Wi-Fi in following steps –

  • Provide your source and destination place using the map or by typing the address
  • Provide pickup date and time
  • Provide type of the cab – Economy, Economy Plus, Regular and Premium. You can select/deselect any option depending upon your choice.

TaxiPixi is currently available only for Android but I hope that versions for other platform, specially iOS, will come soon. At present taxis can be booked only in Delhi NCR area. 

Next time I am going to use TaxiPixi for booking a cab for my travel, what about you?

Download TaxiPixi from Google Play

TaxiPixi Website



Google Hangouts = Chat + Talk + Messenger + Hangout + SMS (?)


Many years back Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, AIM and MSN Messenger were the major applications to chat with our friends or relatives. Specially Yahoo Messenger was the must install on every computer whether at home, in office or in cyber cafes. Then Gmail came and Google Talk was the first choice for chatting. When Google introduced Chat within Gmail, it ended any need for standalone chat clients on desktops and laptops with few exceptions like Skype for video chat. On mobiles the situation was different. There were chat applications for every smartphone platform like Google Talk on Andorid, BBM on Blackberry, iMessage on iOS. Then there were cross-platform messaging applications like Whatsapp, Viber, Kakao Talk, Line etc.

Google unveiled Google Plus in year 2011 to target both computers and mobiles and along with came confusion. Already there was Google Talk but now we were having Google+ Messenger and Google+ Hangout as well. Google Voice was also available in some countries. So in all we were having too many applications for messaging – Google Talk, Google+ Messenger, Google+ Hangout, Google Voice and above all SMS. There was need for one unified messaging application from Google. Finally Google listened and unveiled Google Hangouts on 15th of May in recent Google I/O 2013.


At present, Google Hangouts will replace Google Talk, Google+ Messenger, Google+ Hangout and Gmail Chat. It combines features of all of these individual applications and has added new features as well. Google has confirmed to add SMS functionality to Hangouts in near future so that we can have one ultimate messaging application.  

Google has taken clue from the competition and introduced good features in Hangouts as below :

– Seamless functionality across all devices whether computer or mobile
– Hangouts stay in sync across devices so you can start or continue them anywhere
– Hangout and message friends anytime, even if they’re not connected right now
– Get notifications just once. Once you see an alert, you won’t see repeats on your computer or other Android devices.
– See when your friends have read your messages and when they’re typing back
– If a friend isn’t available when you try to reach them, they’ll see an alert next time they connect
– Scroll back to any of your Hangouts
– Free video calls with up to 10 persons
– Work on Computer, Android mobiles/tablets, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
– Hangout on Air – Broadcast your conversation to the world for free

For Android – Download Hangouts from Google Play

For iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch – Download Hangouts from iTunes Store

For Computers – Download Chrome Application from Chrome Web Store

Will Google be able to take on the likes of  Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Line, iMessage ?


Hindi Keyboards for Android – Part 1

Android is becoming popular day by day specially in countries like India where purchasing iPhone is very costly affair till date. In US and other western countries, telecom operators bundle phones with contracts so situation is different there. In India, Android mobiles and tablets are available in large range which starts from as low as Rs. 3000. Though English is very common language for speaking and writing in India, sometimes there is need for typing in Hindi like for sending SMS or for updating status on Facebook etc. Android phones becoming cheaper day by day are also being used by people not much comfortable in English and for these people its easier to type in Hindi instead of English. Android native keyboard does not have any option to type in Hindi but being an open platform Android allows changing keyboards without much effort. There are third-party keyboard applications available which have functionality for typing in Hindi and other Indian languages.

1. Swiftkey Keyboard (Price – Rs. 99, One month free trial)

Swiftkey Hindi Swiftkey Hinglish

Swiftkey Keyboard is the best selling keyboard for Android. In fact, it is one of the top paid android application in 38 countries including India. Major USP of Swiftky Keyboard is accurate predictions for the words as you type using Artificial Intelligence technology. Recently Flow feature has also been added to Swiftkey which allows swiping the finger for typing the word. Originally there was no option for typing in Hindi in Swiftkey. Support for Hindi has been added only in December 2012.  I am using this keyboard since very long time and it has never failed me in giving correct predictions of words. It has saved a lot of time of mine specially while writing long emails and messages. Now with added support of Hindi its now very easy to type in Hindi on Android. Its Hindi words prediction is very good. The  best part is that all Hindi alphabets have been placed intelligently on one page only.  Apart from Hindi, support has also been added for Hinglish (Typing Hindi words in Roman/Latin script) as well with words prediction. Swiftkey Keyboard one month trial application is also available on Google Play.

Purchase Swiftkey Keyboard from Google Play 

Download Swiftkey Keyboard Trial from Google Play

2. Google Hindi Input (Price – Free)

Google Hindi Keyboard Google Hindi Transliterate

Google has recently launched Google Hindi Input application for typing in Hindi. It has two modes available for typing in Hindi. First is Transliteration mode in which you can use English alphabets for typing Hindi words, the same which is being used in Gmail. Second mode is actually using Hindi alphabets for typing Hindi words. Transliteration mode is very easy and faster way to type Hindi. On Hindi keyboard, alphabets have been divided into two pages and to switch between pages you have to use a toggle button which is slightly cumbersome process. 

Download Google Hindi Input from Google Play 

3. Swype (Price – Rs. 53.83, 30 days free trial)

Swype Hinglish Swype Hindi

Swype keyboard has been made available on Google Play recently after remaining in beta for long time . Its main feature is ability to input words by swiping the finger. At present both Prediction and Swiping features are available in Swype as well as in Swiftkey. So it should be matter of personal choice and usability whether to go for Swiftkey or Swype. If fact Hindi support is almost identical in both Swype and Swiftkey. Swype also supports both Hindi and Hinglish languages. I have used Swype only for a while but the placement of Hindi alphabets is not as good as in Swiftkey, I noticed few overlaps also which might be corrected in next versions. Swpye one month trial application is also available on Google Play.

Purchase Swype from Google Play

Download Swype Trial from Google Play

In next part of the series, I will cover more Hindi Keyboards available for Android.


Mobile Applications of Indian Banks – Part 2

In first part of the series on mobile applications of Indian banks I have covered HDFC, ICICI and AXIS banks. In this second part of series I am going to provide details about mobile applications of three more Indian banks.


Citibank Android

Citi Bank has named its mobile application Citi Mobile as mentioned on website of Citi Bank India. The application is available for Android, iOS and Nokia phones. There is no application for Blackberry and Windows Phone although a mobile web application has been provided which could be accessed via browser. The services available on the application  are as follows –

– Account Details
– Funds Transfer (including IMPS)
– Bill Payment
– Credit Card
– Requests
– ATM and Branch Locator

Download links for the application are as follows –

iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad –

Android –

Nokia –

Mobile Web –


2. Standard Chartered


Standard Chartered bank has given very different name to its mobile application – Breeze Mobile. The application is available for Android, iOS and other phones including Blackberry. There is no separate application for Blackberry so I assume it should be normal Java application. I could not find any mention of mobile web application as well. Features of Breeze Mobile have been listed on bank website which are See Your Money, Calendar, List of Transactions and Day and Night Wallpaper.




Following things can be done via Breeze Mobile application –

  • Pay your utility bills
  • Transfer funds to other banks in India
  • View account and credit card details on the go
  • Top up a pre-paid mobile phone (across all networks)
  • Find, book and pay for airline tickets (domestic)
  • Choose, book and pay for movie tickets across India
  • Personalize your accounts with icons and nicknames
  • Find the nearest branch or ATM across India


Download links for the application are as follows –

iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad –

Android –

Java Application (including Blackberry) – SMS  BREEZE to 09987123123




 YES bank is one of the leading private banks in India but it does not have much in terms of mobile applications. It has application with name of YES Mobile for Android and Java platforms. No application is available even for iOS (Coming soon has been mentioned on YES bank website). The same is applicable for Windows Phone. The application also has very limited features which are mainly related only to Accounts, nothing has been mentioned for Credit Cards. 





Services available in YES Mobile application are –

  • Balance Inquiry
  • Pay Utility Bills
  • Interbank Fund Transfer
  • Fixed Deposit Enquiry
  • Mini Statement
  • Interbank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS)
  • Request for Cheque Book
  • DTH & Mobile Recharge
  • Make Donations

Download links for the application are as follows –

Android –

Java Application (including Blackberry) – SMS “YESMOB” to 567678


Mobile Applications of Indian Banks – Part 1

Mobile phones have started to replace desktops and laptops in daily usage specially for accessing Internet and Internet enabled applications. People are using mobile phones for checking various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn; for emails; for reading news; for reading books, for watching videos etc. This is equally applicable for financial and banking applications as well. In the first post of this series I am going to tell about mobile applications of three leading private Indian banks.

1. HDFC Bank –

hdfc_bank_iPhone hdfc_bank_android

HDFC Bank is leading private and technology savvy bank in India. It has mobile applications for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Blackberry 10, Windows Phone and Nokia phones. It also has mobile web application for doing mobile banking through browser. HDFC Bank mobile application has various sections which are as follows –

  • Accounts
  • Funds Transfer
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Mutual Fund
  • Demat
  • Bill Payment
  • Insta Alerts
  • Others

I have personally used the application on my Android phone and I found the application to be very user-friendly and fast.

Download links for the application are as follows –

iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad –

Android –

Windows Phone –

Blackberry –

Blackberry 10 –

Mobile Web –


2. ICICI Bank

icici_bank_iphone icici-bank-android

 ICICI Bank has its mobile application with the name of iMobile. iMobile is available for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Java phones. As of now there is no application available for Windows Phone. It also has mobile web application for doing mobile banking through browser. ICICI Bank mobile WAP site is also available for non-smartphones.  Services available in iMobile application are as follows –

  • Bank Account
  • Credit Card
  • Loan Account
  • Demat Account
  • mShop
  • Bill Pay
  • iServices

I have personally used the application on my Android phone. Although the application is very useful but I found HDFC Bank mobile application better than iMobile in terms of speed and user interface.

Download links for the application are as follows –

iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad –

Android –

Blackberry –

Java Phones –

Mobile Web –


3. Axis Bank


Axis Bank has mobile applications for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Java phones. It seems that its application for Java and Blackberry phone is same as I could not find it in Blackberry World application store. I also could not find any mobile web application for the bank. Services offered on the application are not as much extensive as of HDFC and ICICI as you can see below –

  • Bank Accounts
  • Funds Transfer
  • Bill Payment

Download links for the application are as follows –

iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad –

Android –

Blackberry –

Java Phones –

In the next part of the series I will take you through mobile applications of other  Indian Banks.



nexGTv – Watch IPL live on your mobile


If you are looking to watch Indian Premier League (IPL) matches live on your mobile then there is a good news for you. nexGTv is an application which has the official rights for live streaming of IPL matches on mobile phone. This application is available for Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), Blackberry and few Nokia (not Lumia) phones. Apart from watching live matches you can enjoy Match Repeats, Highlights, 4’s and 6’s, Wickets and IPL Masala on nexGTv application.

Best part of the application is that there is no mandatory requirement of 3G or wi-fi internet connection on the mobile, it works even on 2G connection. As I have tested the application on my Andorid mobile, the application itself is free to download from Google Play store. 


I am not 100% sure but as I have checked in the application for viewing live matches you have to take their Premium Channel Pack subscription which is available for Rs. 75 for 30 days and for Rs. 20 for 7 days. So far I have not watched live matches on the application as I am not an avid cricket fan. But I have checked Match Highlights section and it works very well. There are few other channels also available in the Premium Channel Pack including Star Plus, Sony, Colors, MTV, Pogo, NDTV 24X7, Life OK, Channel V and many more.

Download links for the application are as follows –

Download from nexGTv Website –
Google Play –
App Store –
Blackberry App World –
Nokia Ovi Store –

Listen All India Radio on Android and YouTube

Government of India has started adopting technology in good manner. Recently Ministry of Information & Broadcasting has launched All India Radio services on new technology platforms – Android application and YouTube channel. Apart from this live streaming of FM Gold and Urdu Service has also been started on its website.
All India Radio Android

Android application has been named as AIR NEWS. On this application news is available on both text and voice modes. Mode switch option is available in top right corner of the application. Text mode has been divided into various sections – Headline, National, International, States, Business and Sports Stories. In each section list of all news items is available and details can be seen after clicking on each individual news item. Audio mode is the most interesting part of the application. In this mode there are 3 sections – Audio News, Programs and Language. In Audio News section we can listen news in Hindi, English and Urdu in various time slots depending upon particular language. For example – Hindi section has four time slots – Samachar Prabhat, Dopahar Samachar, Samachar Sandhya and Hourly. Its very nice to listen impressive voice of news anchors Namaskar, Akashvani se prastut hai samachar prabhat after so many years as we rarely listen All India Radio now a days. In Programs section we can listen various current affairs programs like Samayaki, Sportlight, Money Talk, Surkhiyon se Pare etc. News in many Indian languages can be listen Language section. AIR NEWS looks like an application developed by some good professionals as its interface is easy and beautiful.  Application is available in Google Play store, download links are also available in the end of post.
YouTube channel has compilation of various All India Radio programs aired in past like ‘Excerpts from the Speech of Mahatma Gandhi 4-11-47’, ‘Balraj Sahni’, ‘Dilip Kumar’ and many more.

YouTube Channel Link –

Install AIR NEWS from Google Play –
Android app on Google Play


Google launched Movies on Play and YouTube in India

After launching Google Books and Google Devices recently once again Google has come with something new for India. Google Movies has been launched in India on both Google’s application store Play and YouTube.
Both renting and purchase options are available on the same concept of CD/DVD shops available in market. Difference is that now you have to watch movies digitally on your computer or Android mobile screen. Movies can be rented or purchased in both HD and SD version. In case of renting a movie, you can watch the movie anytime but before 30 days from the date of renting. Once you start a movie taken on rental, you can watch it as many time as but only for maximum 48 hours. After 48 hours the movie will not be available. You can compare this with a typical DVD rental shop where you have to return the movie to the shop after 24 or 48 hours depending upon agreement with the shop.
Both Hindi and English movies are available in various categories like Action, Comedy, Drama, Family etc. Pricing differs from movie to movie and starts from Rs. 50 and goes up to Rs. 700 depending whether you are renting or purchasing a movie.
Enjoy movies !

India Against Spam – Forward Unwanted SMS/Calls to TRAI on 1909

Are you tired of getting spam SMS on your mobile? Or you are constantly receiving calls for selling you plots, flats, credit cards, loans etc? This problem is being faced by almost every mobile user in India. Some people are receiving so many spam SMS in a day that they had lost interest in reading SMS. Sometimes genuine SMS are kept unread or read after much delay due to this issue. Few persons have stopped receiving calls from every unknown number.
Everybody is looking for a solution to stop these unwanted SMS and calls. Few years back Telecom Authority of India (TRAI), the telecom regulator of India, has introduced DND (Do Not Disturb) service. A person can register his/her mobile number on DND and as per policy all unwanted SMS and calls should be stopped. But this is not working at all, ever after registered for DND, there is no stop of these unwanted SMS and calls. To take notice of that TRAI has introduced reporting of these unwanted SMS and calls to 1909, the official TRAI number of DND, which is a very good initiative. A person can call on 1909 to register complaint or a SMS can be sent to 1909. 1909 is a toll free number so there will be no charges to call or send SMS. But there is a process of reporting to 1909 which is available on TRAI website (Link). For example, SMS should be sent in a defined format “COMP TEL NO XXXXXXXXXX, dd/mm/yy, Time hh:mm”. After successful registration of complaint, if this is first chance the culprit will be warned and in second chance the number will be closed.
But if you are using Android phone, you just have to click one button and complaint will be registered automatically. This is possible because of application India Against Spam available for Android phones. This application has very simple interface as you can see in below screenshots. It lists all SMS and calls received recently and you just have to select the SMS or number. It will ask you to confirm the complaint and after clicking on send the complaint will be registered on 1909. It also delete the SMS automatically if the option is enabled in settings available for the application.

All feature of this application are as below –
  • Register for DND directly from app.
  • Report a spam message or call with a single tap.
  • Hides messages/calls from your address book contacts.
  • Hides message older that permissible limit.
  • Auto-deletes reported message(configurable).
  • Auto-saves outgoing message(configurable).
  • Messages about non-standard format can be reported from within the app.
So, why are you waiting? Just download the application and join the India Against Spam war. This application can be downloaded from Google Play Store, download links are available below as well.